Autism: A Christmas Story



The following post written by Geraldine Tan from The Therapy Room was originally featured on Facebook @ thetherapyroomsg

AUTISM: A Christmas Story

A young boy came 3 years ago. I recalled him running around his school and not being able to be in the classroom. His parents saw his need and did not run. They chose to sit with Psychologist Gerry and from there we walked. The school, his parents, his therapists. We journeyed. A quiet road. No fanfare. Just walked.

Much effort from his mother who embraced the child and his abilities. She trusted that help was there and help can be given. His abilities developed and limitations decreased! His mother held his hand through and she never let ours go too. There were people that doubt and naysayers but she trusted.

We saw him through Kindergarten 1 and them from Kindergarten 2, his mother took a brave road and chose to believe and try the local mainstream school. Her efforts to coordinate all the help he needed gave all of his therapists the encouragement and joy working with the local schools. Psychologist Gerry educated the teachers about what can be done in the school, his ABA therapist and Psychologist Jinyi worked tirelessly with him week after week.

Three Christmases with us, he has completed his Primary 1! Sat his first year end examination! But prouder are we that he is chattier, cheekier and affectionate, no longer just the little boy lost in his world.

This Christmas he joined us for Camp Global®️, The Therapy Room’s multisensorial Camp! He was tenacious in attempting everything, challenging himself. The cheers the team gave him when he succeeded and the smile he gave us can only be described as ‘fulfilled’.

The road, this quiet road, we will walk with you. A promise given. A promise kept. A promise to be continued. Next Christmas, we are looking forward eagerly. But for now, a Blessed Christmas to you and your family. And to your amazing mother, thank you for trusting us and all your amazing work! Thank you for embracing the word ‘AUTISM’ when Psychologist Gerry first said it. After 3 Christmas, and all the ups and down, AUTISM now stands for, ‘A Unique and Tenacious Individual Searching for Manna’. Manna because:
1. What sustains us?
2. What gives us life?
3. Who loves us?
4. Who believes in us?
5. What do we want to believe in?
These questions and more have been asked when we see clients with Autism. But young A showed us his answers. Psychologist Gerry and Team TTR loves you!!! May you and your family have a beautiful Christmas! Thank you for bringing hope to parents struggling, therapists working with autism! There is hope! Hope. Trust. Love.

Merry Christmas to all!

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